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Pyla 6

Pyla 6


  • Length : 5,85m – 19,1ft
  • Width : 2,48m – 8,1ft
  • Weight : 730kg – 1,609lb
  • Homologation : 7 passengers
  • Maximum engine power : 150CV/HP – 111Kw

The PYLA 6 has been designed for mixed programs: fast, stable, equipped with a deck layout with easy movement and decorated with chests and sun decks. On board, going out fishing or pleasure can be achieved safely for your family.
The vast sundeck with its headrest is particularly comfortable. Handrails give it a well-defined style.
The dining area, sheltered from the wind behind the console, can receive 4 passengers.
An open version of the Pyla 6 is available with a T-Top and a wheelsman.
The PYLA 6’s T-Top matches the hulls colour and is used to put in the shade or in the sun, the pilot or dining area.
The customizations of the colours of the hull and the cushions will make a unique model.
As an option, the engine may be painted the same colour as the hull.
The public price of this boat remains close to large series models.